Financial Services for Private Clients

01 Multi-currency current accounts and debit cards 

With our multi-currency current accounts, you can have easy access to your cash deposits in many currencies including USD, Euro and GBP. You can also:

  1. Receive and make payments in major currencies.
  2. Use your Pre-paid Credit card to make purchases in stores and online.
  3. Check all your accounts and credit cards through our Online Banking service and transfer between available currencies without commission or transfer charges.


02 Trading Account

We offer a secure, straightforward way to invest and trade securities, with the following featurexecution-only

  1. on only service, tailored to you
  2. A wide choice of investment options of International shares, funds, investment trusts & bonds.
  3. Access to your account together with the current account.
  4. Orders can be placed online



Our PrePaid MasterCard are available in multiple currencies. They also have the following features:

Shopping worldwide & online

Receive Also multiple currencies from internal network clients

Thanks to the card issuers network, your card is accepted in more than 33 million outlets worldwide. It also allows you to pay online around the world

Simplified management and recharge

Recharge your card directly from our Online Banking service anytime or simply contact your relationship manager.

You can also receive money or pay to any members within our networks.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment methods are integrated with your credit card, so it can be used via your phone (via ApplePay, GooglePay etc.). It allows you to pay for all your purchases under approx. 25 EUR by a simple contact with the POS terminal at selected retailers.

NOTE. The prepaid cards presented on this website are reserved to the holders of a Current Account with us.


Supporting the creation of promissory notes, avalizing can come in handy with a range of purchase agreements, including commodity, products and also  bond purchase agreement, cross purchase agreement, and matched sale-purchase agreement.

Avalising agreement is a legally binding document between an issuer and an underwriter, which outlines the terms of a sale, including but not limited sale price, interest rate, maturity, redemption provisions, sinking fund provisions, and reasons why the agreement may be canceled.

A cross-purchase agreement allows a company’s major shareholders to purchase the interest or shares of a partner who has deceased, has become incapacitated, or retiring. As with a bond purchase agreement and promissory note, the cross purchase agreement document outlines specific terms. In this case it is how shares will be divided or purchased by the remaining partners.


We provide a range of escrow accounts to cover your transactions in a very secure platform governed based on your contract with third parties.


We provide clients with global custody services. Clearing, settlement and safekeeping of domestic and foreign securities.

we offer the Global custody services for corporations, municipalities, asset managers, banks, insurance companies and pension funds. For global securities, we provide services in all major financial markets in the world. Every market is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the best quality of service for our clients.

We offer you extensive services related to global securities, including the following:

(a)        Account opening

In accordance with the legal requirements, a custody account needs to be opened to support clearing, settlement and safekeeping of global securities. Each custody account must be linked to a Current account.

(b)        Settlements

Every global market has its own settlement cycle and cut-off times, which differ according to local market practice. All communication is handled via SWIFT standard to ensure smooth and timely clearing and settlement. Client communication is done STP through an electric platform between clients and the Bank.

(c)        Income collection and taxation

We credit dividends, loan interest and final redemptions to clients’ accounts according to the information received from the local sub-custodians. We offer our clients tax reclaim services for several countries via a separate agreement.

(d)        Asset Services

There are various types of corporate action that may occur with global securities, including rights offerings, offers to redeem, changes in nominal value, spin-offs, splits, splits, reverse splits and name changes. First Bank asset servicing covers the life cycle of an event, including notifications, relevant account transactions and managing instructions when applicable for the event.

(e)        Reporting

Clients can feed instructions to the market monitor transactions and their holdings in real time through our online service e-Custody, accessible via Corporate Account.


We allow Clients to trade crypto currencies including:

BTC – Bitcoin

BCH – Bitcoin Cash

ETH – Ethereum

LTC – Litecoin

All can be traded into FIAT upon request, and FIAT can be converted into those crypto currencies.